Skateboard entrepreneur prepositions

Gap-fill exercise

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Carson first just made a shorter skateboard the shape a square himself. “But then my parents told me I had clean and do chores pay my surf contest and surf lessons. But I hate cleaning, so I asked them if I could try selling my Lockerboards instead.”

Carson’s parents not only said yes, they agreed to help him make it happen. They searched for the best tools creating skateboards. But he says one tool made his mother a little nervous.

“Then we used a table saw but my Mom didn’t like that because I was making skateboards myself. And my Mom was like, ‘I’m not sure if this is safe,’ and my Dad was like, ‘its perfectly fine!’ And, then a board shot back and hit him straight the stomach...”

Carson made his first sales the room where students ate his school. He put a few skateboards a table and his schoolmates started buying them . months, Carson had an agreement a manufacturer.

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